China Investors Club introduction

China Investors Club bridges China-UK business. Whether it is bringing Chinese investors into the UK business community or supporting UK firms with China market entry strategies, our platform provides a trusted place to do business.


Doing business in China has become increasingly important for UK firms wishing to expand their international client base. With China’s GDP growth exceeding 6%, selling products in China or finding Chinese partners to help the process can deliver for UK firms bold enough to venture these considerable benefits.

Balancing this out-bound drive to China is a growing recognition that Chinese manufacturing quality is improving as part of the “Made in China” initiative. For UK companies wishing to import from China the choice of products ranging from medical devices, high speed railways and digital systems is growing rapidly and worth looking at.



William Franklin, the Founder and CEO of China Investors Club started work with China back in 1997 as an international finance expert. He was responsible for provision of debt finance for a range of Chinese and Hong Kong enterprises as well as in the wider Asian region. Included in his many projects was the financing of the Guangzhou Shenzhen Super Highway which acted as the main highway between Hong Kong and the rapidly growing city of Guangzhou. The Asia Crisis of 1997/98 provided invaluable insight into how Chinese businesses dealt with financial stress and the importance of guanxi (personal connections) and this learning continues to support the growth of China Investors Club service provision today.


Helping you find your way

Finding your way through this maze of fast-paced development to discover Chinese investors and Chinese business partners is challenging. This is why the China Investors Club (CIC) was formed to help match business opportunities between China and the UK. Conceived in 2014 with an initial focus on helping Chinese investors find real estate investment opportunities and advisors to help them complete the transaction. This soon expanded to other key industries including but not limited to Life Science and Healthcare, Advanced Engineering and the family of “Tech” sectors such as MedTech, BioTech, CleanTech, FinTech and EduTech.

In order to provide the best technical insight into these specialist areas, the China Investors Club partners with trusted advisors both in the UK and China. This is particularly important in the area of rapidly-advancing technology as well as fluid regulatory changes introduced by both Chinese and UK Governments. During this time of the “Golden Era” as announced by President Xi during his 2015 UK visit, the trend has been one weighted towards the positive, however, we constantly monitor changes that may affect the ability to do business in China.