Sharing knowledge and experience

In addition to our direct business development services, the China Investors Club has developed an ecosystem that supports exchange of knowledge and experience of working in and with China. Through a series of monthly round table discussions we bring together those who have worked with Chinese investors, imported goods from China or found successful routes to exporting goods to China. By combining popular industry themes such as real estate investment, MedTech and Biotech, Education and Advanced Engineering alongside macro-topics of TradeMark and IP protection, financial regulation and economic progress, we are able to keep our members fully up to speed on changing trends.

Since forming the China Investors Club, we have run over 50 such events both in London and China. Each event has 25 people attending and is Chaired by our CEO William Franklin. He is joined by 2-3 experts who provide personal insights into particular topics. Following the formal discussions, those attending are actively asked to contribute and enrich the debate thereby ensuring the widest possible analysis of an issue such as how to find business partners in China, importing goods from China or establishing a business in China. We actively encourage interaction between delegates post-event and through our tracking, we know that there are an average of 11 follow on meetings arranged.

MarketPlace to do business

Doing business with China is ultimately about matching buyers and sellers. Therefore, the China Investors Club hosts two MarketPlace events each year. These have a much stronger bias towards bringing those with investment projects into contact with potential investors and partners. The two key themes are Chinese real estate investment and Life Science and Healthcare investment. Working with key sponsors and the support of both UK and Chinese Governments, these events have proven successful in creating new routes to market for businesses from both countries.

Each of our MarketPlace events is run in both Mandarin and English to provide the widest support to developing new business. We utilise the latest social media platforms that ensure seamless engagement between experts, buyers and sellers. Through our organisation and attention to detail, maximum exposure is achieved for deals to occur.

Past Events

China UK Property and Healthcare MarketPlace - May 2017

In May 2017, China Investors Club and Beyond Laboratory hosted the Property and Healthcare MarketPlace in cooperation with Pinsent Masons. With almost 200 delegates attending throughout the day and listening to 20 speakers, this high energy event brought together investors and business leaders from both property and healthcare sectors.

Chinese investment in biotech

This event reviewed the major tranactions from 2016 to see the major trends. We also heard from a specialist pharma company that had successfully established a manufacturing base in China. They shared their experiences and offered advice for other firms to follow.


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Chinese investment into UK property

Whether it is Chinese developers partnering with UK developers and construction firms or High Net Worth individuals investing through Chinese based property fund structures to gain exposure to international real estate, those involved in the UK property market need to respond to the changes.


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First China UK Life Science and Healthcare MarketPlace 2016

China is facing a huge demographic change that is challenging how it delivers centrally based healthcare to its citizens. This event brought together Chinese investors into medtech and digital healthcare along with other experts to look at the future trends and engage in business to business matching. 


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